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N 36° 59.515' W 111° 18.072' (WGS-84)
(coordinates retaken & updated 10-07-01 from maintanace visit, should be more accurate)

State: Arizona
Stashed on: 10/9/00
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Well I decided on my recent trip to Lake Powell to throw together a quick little geocache, for a first attempt.

This one is technically in Arizona barely.. if ya look at a map... Utah people might find it a good geocache hunt as well.

This cache is a little difficult to reach... as the only way to really get there is by boat.

It is located a few miles back in Labyrinth Canyon. Some great camping sites here. (N36.99659, W111.30435) Starting point. Once reaching the shore it is a short simple hike of about 1/3 mile.

The cache is located on the side of a small peak, in one of its natural holes. I put a few rocks in front of it so anyone in the area would be less likely to find it.

The view from the top of this peak is great also, check it out once you find the cache.