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Fremont Saddle Part II

N37° 05.210 W111° 20.144 (WGS-84) 
State: Utah 
Stashed on: 10/10/2004 - Published on: 04/26/18 
Team Members: Jason

Difficulty: 4.0    Terrain: 4.0

This cache is only published on snaptek and

This cache was hidden back on Oct 10, 2004. This cache is the physical container and contents of GC17F - Fremont Saddle in Arizona before it was converted to a virtual cache. It was removed by ranger because it was on designated wilderness of the Superstitions Mountains. I retrieved this cache from the rangers and rehid it. I have not published it until now. April 2018. It has been in hiding for almost 14 years. I am now making the cache known to see if anyone has stumbled across it and possibly documtented it, also to see if it can be found and has remained hidden this long time. It is possible that it might even have been underwater at some point with the rising and falling water levels. Let's see if this experiment is a success. 

Please contact us through so we can find out and update anything anyone discovers. 

Have fun!!!  Make sure you visit the Labryinth Canyon and Gunsight Canyon caches while your out there too.

-Team Snaptek 

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